Petra Braun is an, in Linz/Austria located, illustrator. 
After starting with passionate illustrations in her schoolbooks, which were definitely more fun, than doing homework, she worked as graphic designer. A few years after, Petra decided to study at the University of Art and Design in Linz – graduating at Painting and Graphic Art. 
Highly inspired by nature, her art reflects the 
playful, peaceful, calm and balanced nature of nature itself.
She loves to draw women, animals and plants.
So be prepared for a compulsive drawer,  a passionate reader, a vegan lady, who climbs every mountain, a loving cook, who is drinking tea, while reading thrilling adventures … but before meeting her, you may also know her darkest secret: Petra is a total slave to her two cats Woody and Berta.
“Petra is a great team player, who always focuses on the client and turns up with outstanding and most lovely results.” (Client/Publishing House)
“What I like about Petra is, she catches your intention very fast. Sometimes you have the feeling, she can see right in your head. Quick and uncomplicated briefings followed by great realization is the reason, why we love to work with Petra so much.” (Client/Production Company)


Thank you!
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